Blind Cleaning and repairs do not get better than this!!

Extreme Clean Venetians offer both Commerical and Residential Blind cleaning services.
We use State Of The Art Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology to clean the grime from your blinds.Dust, bacteria and mould can be a real health hazard! So have your blinds regulary cleaned to minimise allergies etc and to keep your blinds in peak condition with out the need for replacement

We use state of the art Ultrasonic cleaning technology. How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes a digital generator powering transducers submerged in a tank of hot water. The transducers vibrate at a frequency of 40 KHz creating millions of tiny bubbles that form and implode. This repeated formation and implosion creates a gentle cleaning action known as Cavitation. Cavitation has the ability to not only clean the surfaces of items, but also penetrate into the difficult to clean internal and crevice areas. It is safe and gentle. Ultrasonics will not scratch, pit or damage items the way that conventional cleaning methods do.

Before you replace your tired / dirty blinds with expensive new ones , try having them Ultrasonically cleaned and repaired.

All chemicals we use for cleaning your blinds are enviromently friendly /bio degradable.We do not use harsh chemicals.

Services we offer

Same day service – In most cases we can offer a same day service for most blinds ,we can pick up early in the morning and drop back the same afternoon at a time that suits you.

Cleaning all types of blinds –We can clean all types of blinds including, Venetians, Verticals, Holland/Roller blinds, Verosol blinds, pleated blinds, Roman blinds, Sky light blinds, Sun screens, Cedar blinds, and all general wood type blinds.

Full Repairs to all blinds – We offer a full repair service to all blinds including – restrings, cord lock replacements, wand mechanism replacements, blade replacements. Be aware that with older style blinds that have been discontinued / parts are no longer made .We can in most cases custermise the blind to accomodate newer parts.

Cedar Blind re-juvanation/Restoration – We can bring your cedar blinds back to life without the need of replacement, if they are the oiling type we first clean each blade then re-oil the blades bringing them back to near new condition in most cases.For polyurethane coated cedars with sun fading which cannot be re-oiled we offer a full restoration service which will bring them back to an oiling type blind.Cedar rejuvination/restoration can save you litterally thousands of dollars on replacement costs.

Free pick up and re-installation – We offer free pick up and re-installation of you blinds at no charge. The price you are quoted on the phone is generally the price you will pay unless there is a repair needed that wasn’t discussed for instance.

New Blind Replacements – If we cant clean / repair your blind to a usable condition ,or corrosion has taken its toll then we can offer new replacement blinds at competitive prices that we source from leading blind manufacturers. Uniline and Luxaflex are the preferred brands.

Onsite / Mobile Service – We offer a full mobile service , with our new box trailer now completed we can bring our mobile work shop to your premises.Mainly aimed at large jobs to make the cleaning process quicker and easier creating less disruption at your commercial premises for example.

Commercial Jobs / Building managers – We specialise in commercial Buildings and small business, if taking your blinds off the premises to clean is not appropriate perhaps for security reasons, then we can bring our mobile workshop to you to clean your blinds making the whole process easier with much less disruption, your blinds would usually be rehung within a couple of hours useing this option. Please inquire.

Residential – We clean all residential blinds, a same day service generally applies. If you have alot of blinds installed in your home [more than 20] you might want to consider our onsite service or we can pick up in the morning and drop back that afternoon at a time that suits you. Please inquire

We now also offer a fully mobile service where we can come to your home or buisiness and service your blinds.

So Call Extreme well keep them clean.

Other items we clean –

  • »   Collectable pieces
  • »   Delicate ornaments
  • »   Irreplaceable items
  • »   Smoke damaged items.
  • »   Fly Screens etc.